Follow event is not fired in application


We implemented Twitter follow and tweet. Both works correctly and we able
to capture the tweet event in our application.
But we are not able to capture the follow event. Below the html code that
we have used.

In this code, alert(“Follow”) is not fired and also FollowMe() method is
not called when follow@directdialogs is hit.
Kindly help us to fix this



In the page that this is appearing, do you have any other code that is loading // You only need to include that portion of script once in a page. I’m not sure if it might cause a bad reaction or not. Silly question: in your actual code, you do have quotes around the URL pointing to the Twitter profile?


//” is loaded only once in the page. Of course there is a quotes around the URL pointing to the Twitter profile in actual code


Since you are asynchronously loading widgets.js, you’ll need to wait for it to load before binding an event. Please you the snippet provided in that link to include widgets.js, then bind your events, eg:



Hi Ian Chan,

It works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help


Can pls help with same functionality on timeline widget?
Follow event is not working on follow button.


Hi @chanian Ian Chan,
The above code given by you doesn’t works for me most of the times. The alert(“FOLLOW!”); is not firing.
Please help.