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Hi - twitter all new to me! I want to add a button to a website, have seen basic information under resources on twitter site. Every time I add the code to website it takes the followers count , I don’t want the followers count … How do I exclude count please?


[node:211] describes the bit of code you need to change to remove the count.

In the A tag, find this property if it already exists or add it if it doesn’t: data-show-count=“false”

For example,

Follow @Glos_Swim


So following through on your suggestion , this is the code. I have tried it and the count still shows in small separate box.

Follow @Glos_Swim


Tried to get code to instal button on my website, after selecting the style the dialogue box for code remains empty? Why?


What kind of environment are you putting this code? Does it do any filtering of HTML tags? Could it be stripping the data-show-count attribute?

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