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I want to add the follow button to my ebay store homepage. When I add the code to the html editor, I get a message that says javascript not allowed or part of your html is not allowed. Is there a fix for this? Thank you.


If the eBay editor won’t allow Javascript it also probably won’t allow IFRAMEs, but if it does, there are instructions on [node:211] for using the IFRAME approach.

Your other option would be to use the Follow Web Intent, which is a little less glamorous but would serve the basic purpose for you: [node:183].


Is there a web intents code for the follow button?


I just want the follow button on my ebay store homepage but the html editor says there is something in the code not allowed!!!


OK everybody, I figured it out. If this problem comes up for any other ebay store owners all they need to do is use the old style follow button. That’s what I did and it works just fine. Thanks.


How do I add the follow button to my twitter page?




i’m interested to know how to…


I have built my website in dreamweaver. Just want to add the basic “follow” button but it doesn’t work when I add it into the html on the page, i just get the text not a button. Wondering if the script I am copying is correct. Can anyone help? Thanks, Rachel




type in …add follow button,on twitter page search window,if u dont see option on ur page


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Hi Rachel,

You need to go into the Source view - using the menu saying “Design | Source | Split”.

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Every time I try to insert the Follow button created from and insert it into my Google Site it does not work. Instead I get a spinning wheel. Does Google Sites support the Twitter Follow Button?


I do get the text but not the Twitter icon to show up