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It is probably something very simple I’m missing, but how do I create a follow button using my own image? I see for the Tweet API that there is a share parameter at the end of the URL…is there something as simple for follow?


Hey Michael,

The [node:211] is not designed to be used with a custom image. However, note that you can use the button property in order to pick a color scheme (grey or blue).

If you really need to use a custom image, I would suggest you to take a look on [node:183], in particular on the Follow and Mini-Profile Intent. Example with your account:

Follow mikey5440


Thanks Arnaud,

I have a client who is determined to have a custom image.


Hi Arnaud,
Where/how do you use the button property to set the color scheme? I’ve used the code provided below and my button is showing up in grey and I would like to use the blue. Shouldn’t the default be blue?

Follow @herbsalacart


The alternate color options were removed in a button simplification update back in December.


Use the button with iframe -
Change width as per your need


Is it possible to embed a follow button in my business’ e-mail signature? If so, how? Or am I better off just using a logo that links to my twitter feed?


I’m having this problem too. the follow button loads with the blue logo, then immediately turns grey. It makes my page look silly, as the “tweet this” button is still blue.

Surely this isn’t deliberate?


Is it possible to read to my twitter feed in the address bar?


How can we have a tall follow button for our site where the count is on top, and not beside?
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i can not find my own link