Follow button: username is truncated in IE8/FF11 again


Issue #215 is still reproducible for me.

Moreover, on this button looks broken even in FF11.



I am still seeing this issue in IE8. The button says ‘Follow’ but the username is not shown.


Hi Korey. Today’s today should have fixed this issue once and for all. Please let us know if you still button text wrapping unexpectedly.


Was this ever fixed? I am having the same issue. Please advise.


I am no longer seeing this issue in IE7 or IE8.

@MaryLSoldano - One thing you might try doing if you’re still seeing the issue in IE is hit F12 and make sure it’s not in ‘Quirks Mode’. It’s a terrible feature; if you make sure it’s set to IE8 Standards that helps out a lot.


This problem still exists when users are running IE7 or a newer versions of IE in IE7 document mode. The username text is displayed, but truncated. Is there something us developers can do to fix this behavior for users running in these environments?

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