Follow Button Not Working


Is anyone else having a problem implementing a Follow Button on their website? When I try, it says, “Live preview not supported on SSL at this time.” And the button doesn’t appear on my website when I paste the HTML. Can anyone help???


Hm, looks like the widget isn’t returning correct HTML at this point - until we can fix that page, change the {screen_name} portion of the code to the desired user name you wish to configure the button for.


This is a real problem at this time. Can’t wait to get this is addressed.


seems to be fixed.


Follow button with Count NOT working. Tried several times.
When are they going to fix this!


yes, i am experiencing the same problem.
The Follow button appears just like plain text-hyperlink.

I don’t see the follow button nor do i see the followers count. Just plain hyper-linked text.


What is the code you’re embedding on your website?

Follow @backupmen ------------------------------------ That is the code and it shows the following hyperlinked text to the twitter page: Follow @backupmen.

That is it. No “Follow” button. No followers-count. Nothing.

Can you please tell me why is this happening. Is there something that I am doing wrong?


That renders fine for me, so what I would think is happening is one of the following:

1.) You’re not loading the page from a http/https URL.
2.) Some existing script on the page is breaking the Twitter script.
3.) Your publishing tool strips out tags for security.

Do you have a live URL I can visit to try and see which one it may be?


You are the man…that trick worked…thank you…thank you so much…


Cool, glad to help!


I can’t copy code button for my web it always error where I can take the code button twitter help me please thank you


What was the trick? I have the text&link but no graphic - see top of page at


However it is that you save this code to your site, it looks to be stripping out the Javascript that accompanies the follow button – depending on how your hosting software works, you need to find a way to include the Javascript code when your page is served for the follow link to turn into a follow button.


What is this trick you’re talking about? I can figure out how you managed to make it work.


I’ve seen a number of posts that have had the same problem with the follow button. I have the same issue on my web site the main page of the site is just a plain html page. I have included the following code in the proper location:

Follow @viadecristonls 

When this page is brought up in IE9 or Firefox all I get is the text "Follow @viadecristonls " but no button. On the other pages of the site, I use a PHP include file to display the footer information. the PHP include file have the same code sequence in it but they too only display the text portion.
The link appears to be work correctly but I am not getting the button.

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this code?


I had the issue where i just get the text link. can anyone help me figure out what Im doing wrong?
the Javascript is there but not showing up when viewed.


Can anyone help!!!

Need very basic explanation.
I am not getting the follow button, only text and link which are working.
I am at my wits end. Pls help.

This is the code its telling me to place:

Follow @JuddMedical


Are you putting this code on a live web page and accessing it via HTTP or HTTPS? In some HTML editors and contexts you might be loading the page directly from your filesystem, which would cause a similar behavior as well.


Share button just stopped working today Does anyone know why?