Follow Button not rendering in Safari



It seems as though the Follow Button is not rendering whatsoever in Safari. My website,, sees the issue as well as others like

The Follow Button renders in every other web browser fine, just not Safari. The code loads, but the actual button is hidden. Tweet Buttons on the same sites load and function fine.

Any thoughts/ideas?


Seems as though the Tweet Button doesn’t work. The button loads, but no count loads (even though it should) and clicking the button does nothing either.


Hi Brian,

I’m unable to reproduce – I see the follow button on your site in Chrome and Safari without issue. Is there any kind of delayed rendering you are doing?


Hi Taylor,

I checked my configuration and it appears as though unchecking “Send Do Not Track HTTP Header” in the Develop menu in Safari will fix the issue.

Sorry about not checking that,


The button renders, color shows up but then disappears once fully loaded, again only in Safari: Thoughts?


It is looking ok for me and rendering fine in Safari.
Can you provide more details, are you getting any errors?


I am having this issue on a Mac Book with Safari (5.1.7), Chrome (19.0.1084.52) and Firefox (6.0)- is this still an issue or am I doing something wrong?


This issue just happened to me Monday. I am using Safari 5.0.6 and I don’t see the option to “Send Do Not Track HTTP Header” in the Develop Menu.

Code is:

dev.Twitter please help!!!