Follow button is not being displayed in Dreamweaver


I have attempted to add a “Follow @RobTargetRecord” button to my website. However, it only displays the text “Follow @RobTargetRecord” as a hyperlink.

I edited the page in dreamweaver. This is the code copied from the twitter site. The only thing I modified is the follower count (data-show-count=“true”).
Follow @RobTargetRecord

Someone please help… the page is not live so I have no link to send you to. Any ideas?


Are you able to add Javascript and HTML segments to your Dreamweaver project typically? When you’re viewing your page, are you viewing it as served by a web browser or as served as a local file on your machine? For the Javascript to function, you need to be loading the page as a HTTP or HTTPS protocol’d page (rather than file://)


I’m having the same issue with our registration site, using both the ‘follow’ button and ‘share a link’ buttong generator. For the ‘share a link’ button, when I click the text displayed (rather than the button that should be there) it doesn’t even take me to the website I typed in. Ideas?


OK so I couldn’t see the buttons in Dreamweaver either, but I have seen other scripts that will not react to the previewed page. I uploaded the page (with a different) name to the live website and the button showed up.


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