Follow Button Incorrectly Displayed in IE


Hi there

I’ve added a follow button to one of our websites, but it isn’t displaying correctly in IE7. I haven’t checked on later versions of IE yet but obviously this is a problem, see the pictures below: - button display in Google Chrome - button display in IE7

Could you please tell me why it displays a white background in IE7 and what I can do to change this?



It looks like you’ve got some default styling for the iframe tag in your containing page that’s causing the iframe that contains the button to be oversized and padded.


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve checked and I have no width, height or padding styles on the iframe, I’m pretty sure the size of the box is being dictated directly by the Twitter widget.

The main point was that the widget is displaying fine in Chrome but in IE it has a white background, if I can remove the white background it will be fine; it’s a problem with the widget and how it is displayed in IE.

Does anyone know how to fix this?