Follow button for Website


Hi there,

I have uploaded the data for a follow button on my website but it only shows ‘follow @babygiftpots’ on my website. The follow button is missing! When I uploaded the data for the ‘tweet’ button that worked. So why does one work and not the other?? Hope you can help. Thanks!


Hi @BabyGiftPots,

Can you share the site you’ve placed the Follow Button code on? It sounds like the Javascript on the page isn’t executing and evaluating your content correctly.


I have same problem with my wp site :
I already try it in single.php, bottom widget and finally right side widget area but nothing has changed.


Ok, i found the source of the problem: {screen_name}

<a href=“{screen_name}” class=

But I didn’t see any information that says such a change needs to be done.

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