Follow button customization request for "followers"


It would be great if the follow button API would allow two additional parameters.

count-suffix (default true). If true, " followers" is appended to the count shown next to the button. If false, nothing is shown after the number.


count-abbreviation (default: automatic). If automatic, Twitter decides whether to abbreviate your follower numbers, e.g. 17.4k followers. If false, the number of follows is never abbreviated, e.g. 17,423 followers. If true, the number is always abbreviated when above 999 followers. E.g. 1k followers rather than 1,123 followers (which is what shows up now by default).

These two changes would allow us a lot more flexibility when trying to fit the follow button into tight design space.

As it is right now, our company will be able to use the follow button, but once we go over 999 followers, the right side of the display is going to be cut off. We could fix this if either one of the above options were implemented.

Thanks for listening…


This is exactly what I am looking for. Currently there is no acceptable way to hide the word “followers”. Please add the ‘count-suffix’ option to the follow button!

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