Follow button - change count display?


Hi, I noticed that many websites display the count of followers like “1K followers”. However our button displays it as “1.006 followers”. I suppose at a certain number this changes automatically as I couldn’t find any options to take influence on that. But is there a possible way how to manually force it to display “1K followers”? Thanks.


No there isn’t. It looks like you’re probably just shy of having the format change to the shorthand notation.


Uhm, OK. Very helpful. So what can be done to resolve my shyness…? I’d really like to see the shorthand notation working, it’s a matter of space. Thanks.


There’s no customization option for the standard widget, so you would have to pull your follower count and render the button+count manually. If I were doing this, then I would probably just write this in Javascript using the JSONP capabilities of the Twitter API.


Got that, thanks a lot.

Unfortunately I don’t have the needed programmning skills. What I wonder is why is the button not changing to the shorthand notation? It’s doing this on so many other websites, what could be the reason why it doesn’t do this on mine? Any idea? Thanks again.


It looks like shorthand currently triggers at 10000 followers, but don’t take that as a guarantee that this has always been that way, or will continue to work this way in the future. All the guidelines for the follow button say are to reserve 300px for the width if you wish to display follower count:

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