Follow Button Broken?


I’m trying to embed a follow button on my website, copy and pasted directly from

The button shows up fine, and clicking it works fine. If i look on the account that is being followed, it shows 1 new follower, but it will not show the user listing in the /followers/ page.

After refreshing the website a few times, if I refresh the followers page, it now shows 1 less follower. For some reason follows are not sticking!

  1. Load website with follow button
  2. Click follow button
  3. Check followers that the follow button is linked to, it will display 1 new follower but they will not show up as following.
  4. Refresh website with button once, the follower will still be showed (number of followers), just not listed.
  5. Refresh website with button again, the follower will now be missing from the follower page completely.


This seems to have solved itself…


Follow actions are “eventually consistent” – they are not always reflected immediately in the follow button count nor on the site or the API but will eventually reach a point of solidification.

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