Flickr and Deviant art cards show in photo streams. but not mine


I recently noticed that, contrary to what I thought, photo cards can and do show up in the “photos” section of a twitter account that tweets them… Specifically, this seems to work for flickr and deviant art.

But, I can’t seem to get this to work for my twitter cards for

you’ll see many tweets of urls there
(such as , which do not appear in the “photos section”

the only images appearing in the “photos” section are ones explicitly attached via the normal picture functionality.

But, tweet this photo (or something from deviant art)

and twitter DOES put that url in a photo stream.

Now either there’s some fiddly setting somewhere, or there’s some other kind of whitelist…

interestingly, the twitter ios app will seemingly speculatively add a picture to a photo stream, and correct itself when it refreshes from the server. Which seems to indicate that it should be possible, but something is going wrong with the process. Would be nice to get clarification.