Flagged Content Domain -


Our clients use a specific domain for some of the content they Tweet from our app - recently that domain was listed at Spamhous (a bad domain / IP database) and subsequently removed. It looks like Twitter has taken this information and now flagged that domain (www.magnetmail.net) when our apps clients are publishing content. Not every link to magnetmail.net is flagged but a significant number are.

Is there a way to get a person at Twitter to review this so we can get our domain delisted from the blacklist database? 80% of our clients are associations posting content of their email newsletters. None of our clients are posting malicious content. Can anyone from Twitter assist? Anyone have any suggestions how to resolve this? I filled out a form last week but it didn’t seem to be addressed to developers.

Any help is appreciated - thanks!


The correct place to look for this is in the Support pages - there’s a link there to help you to file a report. We cannot help here on the Developer forums. Thanks.