First time users getting: This feature is temporarily unavailable


We are using sign in with Twitter, but no new users are able to go through the sign in process. We get the error: “This feature is temporarily unavailable.” This has been going on for some time however. Existing users can authenticate no problem, it’s just new users. We have spent hours trying to diagnose this and have had no luck.

Any help?


Strange OAuthConsumer() return

Is this in Fabric, or on the Web?

Can you tell us more about the flow you’re going through precisely please?


Hi, thanks for the reply.

Its is on the web, using Abraham’s PHP library, but I believe that the library is functioning correctly.

We are sending the user through the authorization process but on return we are getting the temporary unavailable error

getAccessToken :: This feature is temporarily unavailable


We’re now experiencing this same issue. Existing users have login but new users are getting an error whenever they try to request a new access token.

Please help.



This is now working for us it may had been a hiccup.



We are having this same issue trying to authenticate users in our Android app. “This feature is temporarily unavailable” . Our app is Celly , via the @cellyme twitter account. I just spent 4 hours debugging this and thought it was our problem, but I don’t think our code has changed and this doesn’t work anymore. We are using twitter4j to do web oauth in android.


Has anyone else noticed a recent spike in occurrences of this error response? cc: @andypiper


I’ve not heard of any associated issues at the moment.


Sprout is seeing elevated error rates. Is there any information you would need to investigate further?


i am also facing this problem
can any one has answer?