First impressions on TwitterKit



Just using TwitterKit on iOS for the first time after learning about it at #Helloworld in London the other evening - its very impressive, and I can already imagine some nice uses… but some observations/questions…

  1. I used the project at as my starting point, but it didn’t really work “out of the box” for the new version (I think) so it took me some head scratching to get up and running. Is there a better sample project?

  2. I’m not getting any images, just spacers, and a lot of SSL errors in the console when its trying to get profile images and gifs, etc.

  3. Is there anyway to make #hastags and @mentions clickable? At the moment they’re just shown as text (though hyperlinks are clickable).

Anyway, its very exciting to see this, and I can’t wait to get my own version of Tweetdeck up and running on my iPhone again :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback, @iainbarclay (and thanks for coming to #HelloWorld!). We’ll definitely sort out that sample app for you. We have a bunch of others (Cannonball, Furni, FabricWithTwitter) but they are not as simple.

Slightly confused about the SSL errors, will look into those - likely to be related to outdated versions of Twitter Kit in use in this sample, I think.


@iainbarclay thanks again for the feedback

  1. We just updated the repo, please check it out

  2. Try adding the following key in your plist file:

  3. I believe this is not possible in this current version