Firing custom conversion events


The documentation is a little fuzzy on the subject of custom event types. If we want to send purchase details with our conversion event, it seems we can do it like so:

twq('track','Purchase', {
    value: '100',
    currency: 'USD',
    num_items: '1'

But if we create a conversion event and set the type to “Purchase” the generated snippet uses only:


Does this mean we need to add the Purchase event in addition to the PageView event, or in replacement of?

As an aside: It seems from this post that you’re actively supporting both events, but maybe not the others mentioned in the documentation.

Thanks for any clarification on any of these points!


Hi @SecretDev! Try this:

  1. run your code after the line with twq('track','PageView');
  2. or write a single line like this:
twq('track', 'PageView', {
    "value": 100,
    "num_items": 1

currency is not a parameter that is sent. This is based on my findings for another post.

Hope this helps.


Hi @majoritasdev, thanks for your help. This is so confusing. Twitter’s documentation seems to suggest it should be done like this:

I guess it’s out of date?


I see… Looking at the javascript code now, I’m not sure… And I don’t have the time to investigate now.

What I did for the other post was to beautify the code at and decipher it to see what’s being sent and how. You could do the same if you’re good with javascript and have the time.

I think it would be better for a Twitter Staff member to shed some light on this, including on the parameters that are actually being sent to Twitter.


My tests using only

twq('track', 'PageView', {
    "value": 100,
    "num_items": 1

Seems to indicate things are being correctly tracked by Twitter. Be good to get confirmation of course, but so far so good.