FireFox 19.0 Tweet Button issues?



My name is Jonmark Weber and I am developer with SocialStrata Inc. We write/maintain forum software, and we include a feature that allows sites to include a “Tweet This” button on topic pages of their site. Since FireFox launched version 19.0 last week we have started getting reports of “Unresponsive script” errors coming up from some of the topic pages on our customer sites when viewed with FireFox 19.0. We have ensured that our inclusion of the Tweet Button html follows your examples from here:

And yet the warning still comes up. You can see the warning here:

It would be great if you could track this down and get it resolved, or at least let us know what we need to do to resolve it ourselves. At this point we have hit a brick wall and everything is pointing at a issue between your javascript and FireFox 19.0.




Hi Jonmark,

We got some info from the Mozilla folks overnight about this—a change in how Firefox handles DOM collections exposed a bug in our code. We shipped a fix this afternoon that should not cause the timing error.



Hey Ben,

Thanks for the heads up. I actually put in the ticket with Mozilla which caused them to contact you :smiley: So I am seeing this from both sides. Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly and pushing it out to production. I have already confirmed that its fixed on our sites and we have notified our customers that were affected by the problem to let them know that you fixed it.




No worries. Glad to get it fixed quickly, and glad to learn new and crazy things about numeric object keys in DOM node collections. Or at least, I think I’m glad about that second thing.