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The original author of the tircd application has long since gone, and a couple of others have taken over its development.

There are two application API accounts (or whatever the correct term is) - tircd and tircd-oauth. tircd-oauth is the one that is currently used, tircd is left over from the old HTTP auth mechanism.

I need to find the owner of the tircd-oauth API account, in order to get them to re-enable the DM functionality, which went with the updates last month. Ideally, if I can get access to the tircd account, it would be nice to switch over to use that as the primary API account, but that is secondary right now.

So my question is: how do I track down the owners of these application accounts? Or is there any process to allow the taking over of them (with appropriate proof of claim validity, of course).





For privacy reasons, we cannot share any information about the current owner of the this API key. If the name is a registered trademark, please follow the process outlined at to submit a trademark report under our trademark policy. If the name is not your registered trademark, we can pass your contact information to the developer of this application so that they can contact you about transferring the name. For this option, please email with the information you would like us to send to the user, as well as the contact information we should provide them in order to get in touch with you.

Brian Truebe
Twitter API Policy


Can I use the same email address ( to report API that sends spam behind the user?



If you encounter suspicious applications, please don’t hesitate to email and let us know. If you’re concerned about any application you’ve authorized to have access to your account, you can always manage your applications at

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Twitter API Policy


Hi I am trying to get mine verified also