Find followers of a userName


I’m new to the twitter API. Thus need your kind help.

I need to find the followers of one userName. The open source help says hitting the below URL will return the users in json.

now the param user_id is expecting a number, whereas, I only happen to know the userName of the user.
For instance, my userName is AnimarkSolutions, but I don’t have my user_id.

How do I then get to know the followers of mine using the above mentioned URL? Am I doing anything wrong here?

Even if I get the URL right, that will only give me the user_Ids. How do I figure out the userNames from those IDs?

Thanks in advance for your kind advice.



That same method, followers/ids supports a screen_name parameter in lieu of the “user_id” parameter – with that you can request the same response by screen name instead. (Though keep in mind you’re using version 1 of the API and should move to version 1.1)

To take those ids in the response and “hydrate” them to screen names and user objects, use [node:10305].