Filter tweets tweeted only from our app in user_timeline REST api


I am using user_timeline REST api to fetch the tweets of currently logged in user . But it fetches all the tweets of that particular user. Is there any way to show only tweets which were posted through our app. I couldn’t find any parameters in doc for this. I am using fabric sdk for android to access REST API. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It is not possible to filter for this, but you can filter them in your app, manually after receiving them, if you need.


@ePirat Thanks for the reply. Can you please give little more info as to which parameter/key in the response can be used to filter tweets…


Yes, there is a source key which indicates which client tweeted it. Note that it is in HTML with the following format:

<a href="Client URL" rel="nofollow">Client Name</a>"


I got it, thank you.