Filter Stream and Hebrew characters




I have a user who tries to get the filtered stream to work with a Hebrew track.
But this does not seem to be catching any result.

Is there a best practice that I am not aware of, or is it simply not possible to do that?





I did some research out of curiosity. Using the API console, I wasn’t able to get any tweets in Hebrew unless I included lang=he in the query. This is interesting because the response is often coming back as lang=en, but querying lang=en returns nothing as does leaving it blank.

Anyway, try connecting to the stream with lang=he and see what happens.

(Update: now the search API is returning Hebrew tweets when the language is not set. It is still not returning tweets when lang=en though. Very interesting.)


Thanks for the info. But I guess you were using the search.
The search seems to be broken but also are the streams.

@twitter could you please look at the forum?


So if you start a stream with a Hebrew keyword but do not filter by Language, Twitter stream will return data.שלום

Does work properly and returns tweet with the Language field set to Hebrew.שלום&language=he

language=he has been added and the stream no longer returns any tweet.

@andypiper could you have a look here the streaming forum is really dead.


I don’t have an answer on this and have not had a chance to dig in internally. When you say the forum is dead, I’d suggest that you mean that there are few threads, and that in some cases responses are slow. We had an outage after the DDoS last weekend, but that should not have affected this issue.

Unfortunately right now I’m also running an event and don’t have a lot of bandwidth to prioritise, but I saw this thread on the day it was posted, and I’m aware of the question.


Instead of just dismissing my request for help - I would really appreciate the contact details of someone who can and will. Thanks


I am not dismissing your request. You’re requesting assistance in other threads for a consumer Ads dashboard issue that is not related to this thread. You’ll need to ask for that elsewhere since this is a developer forum.