Filter realtime Tweets -Parameters


i’m trying to get tweets filtered by the following parameters:
filter(follow=None, track=None, is_async=False, locations=None, stall_warnings=False, languages=None, encoding=‘utf8’, filter_level=None)
i have a very specific problem and i cant find any solution.Filter handles parameters with logical OR as i read here :
" Bounding boxes do not act as filters for other filter parameters. For example track=twitter&locations=-122.75,36.8,-121.75,37.8 would match any Tweets containing the term Twitter (even non-geo Tweets) OR coming from the San Francisco area."

I’d like to know if there is any way to filter with AND between parameters ,not OR.

for example i want a batch of tweets in english language AND location=-122.75,36.8,-121.75,37.8,not either of them.