Filter realtime problem



I’m trying to pass to filter real time endpoint, this query:
“(lunes,monday,para) (hola,todos)”

This is the complete call:,monday,para)%20(hola,todos)

I understand that with this query I will receive tweets with (lunes OR monday OR para) AND (hola OR todos) but for example I’ve received this tweet: or this one:

I don’t know why I’ve received this tweets because they don’t match the search criteria.

Can you help me please?
Thank you.


Hey @ChrysalisTest,

Unlike the premium and enterprise implementation of boolean, statuses/filter does not allow combining keywords using parentheses. Can you please revise your query and try again?

Statuses/filter and search operators

Hi @LeBraat , is there any difference between Enterprise or Premium in terms of the operation of the search with parentheses?

The Premium API is a pack that includes other API’s, to be able to use these queries, which API should we use?


Enterprise and Premium search offer the same syntax, which is based on the PowerTrack rule syntax.

If you are trying to filter Tweets in realtime you have two options:

  • standard statuses/filter (basic functionality and filter rules)
  • enterprise PowerTrack

As @LeBraat mentioned, you’re trying to use a syntax on the standard endpoint that is not supported.


Hi @andypiper and @LeBraat,

We listen online Trending Topic by the standard method, and we see that in rush hour we don’t receive all the traffic, we receive very little.

If we hire the Enterprise, does an API exist that gives us 100% of the traffic generated by a Trending Topic online?


There are no Enterprise APIs that cover trending topics.


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