Filter Links out in Premium API


I’ve been trying to use premium search API to pull out tweets, i want my results not to have any links in them, I used -has:links in the query but it is not working. Is there any other way to do this?


@Jeevz_10 - what do you mean it’s not working? Are you getting any results, or the wrong results? Note that photo/gif/video links count as links in this case as well.

Negated operators like -has:links cannot be used alone, what is your full rule?


I am using it along with my query so that i don’t get any tweets with links. But, even if i use -has:links , it gives me tweets that has links in them


I am looking for something equivalent to -filter:links in the Standard API


Can you please provide the exact request that you are using, as well as a couple of examples of Tweets that you are talking about?


I am using query “ideapad 320 -has:links lang:en” , yet i get these tweets(example) which contain links


@LeBraat any solution?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce this internally, and this behavior is unexpected. I am submitting a note to our product team to investigate.

I will keep you posted.


By when can I expect a reply? I’m running out of days for my current subscription. I fear I’d lose many requests that are unused this month


I don’t have a time estimate on this.


We are having the same issue, can this be addressed?


Thanks @RXAio. This is on our team’s radar. I will make sure to alert you when we have made progress on a fix.


Thanks so much!