Filter_level: what is?


I dont undestand filter_lever parameter to stream search function.
Anyone can help me?


Hi. I also don’t understand filter_level.
Following page show parameters Tweet object has.

I usually use “Search API”, but Tweet object don’t have the attribute of filter_level.
After that, I noticed the attribute of filter_level is only found on the “Streaming API”.

Actually, I confirmed filter_level exists in Tweet object on “Streaming API”.
However, I couldn’t understand how it worked.

I send a request like below
"twurl -H “” “/1.1/statuses/filter.json?track=twitter&filter_level=none”
and also send filter_level=low and medium.

Results is same with query’s filter_level equals low or none, Almost response’s filter_level is “low”.
When I change the query’s filter_level equals medium, I didn’t receive Tweet object ( I predict no Tweet object that have filter_level is medium exists).

Does it work well???


The filter_level value is not a commonly-used query parameter, but you can read about it here.

The standard Streaming API is an 8 year old part of our technical stack and it is in maintenance mode. We’ve announced that this will be updated in the future. The replacement solution should be more reliable (and is not expected to include a filter_level parameter).