Filter.json and track


Can be used with the bearer token? I get only 401. Which type of authorization I have to use?
Thanks In advances


It does not support app only auth at this time. You need to use a user account, which means you need to use OAuth 1.0A.


I see, thanks for the reply. Without using thirdy part library, OAuth 1.0A could be easily implemented?


It can be difficult without a third party library. There are lots of little nits and gotchas in OAuth 1.0A.


I see… is there anything in the documentation on the twitter website?



Check out the [node:3726] documentation. The official OAuth website might also be valuable:


@LogicalArthur thanks for your reply. I tried implementing oauth for my app but I am stuck with 401 error when I try to perform the request_token call. I opened a new discussion @




Check out [node:686] and [node:11004]. It might be a timestamp issue.

I hope that helps!