Filter contacts


Hi whoever read this!

Since i have been using Twitter i have always wonder why twitter do not provide their users with the possibility of classify their contacts in differents “groups”… just for now let’s call them “nest” to continue with the bird themes, i say this because it would make things so much easy if one could have my “family’s nest”, my “friends’s nest”, the “news’s nest”… and my " spam-friends’s nest"(friends that i follow for social courtesy but that spam my time line so hard that i lost the tweets that i really want to read between their daily spam).

So it would be increadible to be able to select the “nest” that i want to read in a especific moment, lets say i am on my intelectual moment of the day and i just want the “news’s nest” twits on my time line and later just have my “family’s nest” and “friends’s nest” so i can read whats going on with them or if i am just boring i activate all my “nest” and entertain with all my following’s twits!

So i am sure this have come up before i only wants to know why no? :slight_smile:

PD: Excuse my english it is not my Mother language.


Have you tried Twitter Lists? It allows you to organize users you follow into different groupings. Each grouping then has a timeline that you can view.