Fill Rate, eCPM, and User Count


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I am in charge of marketing for a new app and I have a few questions regarding how fill rate, eCPM, and user count work/depend on each other.

Please, if I have a low user count (100 users), is it sensible to set an eCPM of $0.50 - $0.1?
Will this affect fill rate and if so, does that mean that eCPM choice is dependant on the amount of users an app has?

On the other hand, are all of these independent of each other and do they only depend on factors like country of app hosting and ad network choice?

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Generally you want to set up your low price floors to ensure competition between all ad sources.
You could start by setting a low price floor and then adding higher priorities to your waterfall with higher bids, in order to capture higher bidders.

eCPMs vary depending on many factors, country and formats are two of the main ones.

Find more information on Marketplace Settings and Price Floors here:

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To confirm, it involves testing with the different ad sources and bids, correct?

Does user interaction or user number also affect it?
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Yes, you can optimize your waterfall towards higher eCPMs.
User interaction can also impact your eCPMs, since it may speak about the quality of the users.
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Yes, it does help quite a bit. Thank you.

Also, just to be precise, is it interaction with the app or interaction with the ads on the app that affect the eCPM?

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The one that is going to affect more directly to eCPMs is interaction with the ad.