Few actions that I need your feedback if I'm allowed to do it or not


First of all I’m sorry if I didn’t post this @ “Rules & Policies” because it seems to me that section is more of a user support section.

I’m running a social management tool for many users and some customers are requesting different features in the system, I need your advice if the below actions/tools are allowed or not (https://support.twitter.com/articles/76915-automation-rules-and-best-practices is not clear in some areas)

Currently our customers will signup using there own account and they are asking for the following:

  1. To be able to Auto send DM messages for any new follower(s) (Follow then DM) (Automated by our system), is this allowed?
  2. To be able to Auto follow any new follower(s), is this allowed?
  3. To show them list of people they follow but the other user is not following back (without bulk unfollow function), is this allowed?


Most of these questions can be answered by the [support:76915, title=“Automation rules and best practices”] you’ll find in our support center.

Some brief answers to your questions:

  1. Automatic DMs to followers are generally discouraged but not outright forbidden. Twitter Users tend to consider it spam.
  2. No, automated following is now prevented by the developer terms and conditions.
  3. Doesn’t sound like an issue to show them the list in this context, provided the options to follow or unfollow are all manual and atomic.


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