Fetching tweet location using tweet id whether user tagged with the geo location or not




I’m developing an application, where I can get the tweets based on a set of filter keys.

I’m able to get the tweets successfully. But as pet the twitter policy i’m getting the tweets geo location if the user geotaged the tweet. But in my project it is important for us to fetch the geo location of the tweet whether the user was tagged his geo location or not.

Does twitter giving any feature to fetch the tweet’s geo location, based on tweet id.

Can some one help me out on this please.



No - if the user has not chosen to associate a geolocation with the Tweet, Twitter does not do anything to store it anyway. It is opt-in on a per-Tweet basis. There’s no way to get the location in the case where a user has not explicitly added one.


Thanks for your reply @andypiper. Is there any paid service by twitter API to provide the geo location based on tweet id in same case.


Gnip offers Twitter profile geo enrichment as part of its paid service. This is not the same as a user specifically tagging a Tweet with a location.