Fetching timeline tweets of 10 public users


Hi Andypiper @andypiper ,
I read the API rules. Is it possible to use 10 apps simultaneously to make 150 requests(15 per app) in a 15min window? The API requests that we make are limited by per app, right? Is my understanding correct or am I missing something? Is there any other limit that I should take into account?

I have created my apps with “App-only authentication”

I’m working on twitter network analysis for a research project. Please help me!


I’d imagine that this is highly unlikely.

The rules say you must not circumvent rate limits and this would certainly be doing that


Wouldn’t advise registering multiple applications for the same purpose - https://dev.twitter.com/overview/terms/agreement-and-policy 6.e in there relates to it.

There are efficient ways of making use of the calls available: You have your App Only Authentication, as well as your own Access Token - use both of these to your advantage.

Use alternative / equivalent endpoints to optimise your calls: For example, if crawling friends / followers for network analysis: call https://dev.twitter.com/rest/reference/get/friends/list (App + User gives 45 Calls per 15 min) to retrieve 200 per call for accounts with low numbers of friends and use https://dev.twitter.com/rest/reference/get/friends/ids to get 5000 friend ids per call for users with more connections. Check friend / follower counts before making these calls with something like users/lookup. This will speed things up significantly.

Using multiple endpoints, caching results, setting appropriate counts & other parameters on endpoints will work much more effectively than trying to circumvent ratelimits.


Thank you for the detailed reply @IgorBrigadir :slightly_smiling:

I did not understand the multiple endpoints part :frowning: My use case is like the following:

I have a list of 300 twitter usernames whose profiles are public. Now, I would like to retrieve the timeline tweets of all these users. The API allows to fetch only the 200 recent tweets from the timeline. And, I can only make 15 API calls per App in a 15min window. This is why I proposed to use 10 apps, so that I can retrieve timeline tweets of 150 users(from my list of users) in 15 min window. Isn’t this a good approach? Could you please suggest a better solution? :slightly_smiling: I’m using the tweepy library in Python.

Also, I gone thru this: https://dev.twitter.com/rest/reference/get/statuses/user_timeline


No, this is against the Developer Policy, which asks that you do not attempt to circumvent rate limits so that everyone has a fair share of access to the API - don’t use multiple application keys for the same purpose.