"Fetching the page failed due to an internal error" for AngularJs app


We have an issue with Card Validator tool. Our app is AngularJs-based and static to crawler is served with PhantomJs server.

Facebook Open Graph debugger works for us just fine, but Twitter Card Validator fails with:
“Fetching the page failed due to an internal error, debugId: 2559285950435-374620”

Url is: http://strollaround-stage-136089290.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com/#!/


I assume you may be having an issue due to the robots.txt file. It does seem like our Twitterbot is able to access your image directory. Please take a look at the link below and if a change to your robots doesn’t work, please let us know.



Hi, we are having the same issue and its certainly not a robots.txt issue, we already changed it.
We have migrated to some other hosting provider, and for some reason twitter cards are not working anymore, we get:

Fetching the page failed due to an internal error, debugId: 5657572429548-989412


Please provide an example URL on your domain and I’ll look into it further.


My mather is on the behalf of an human error coase of devices unshortcommings.


Hi jbulava,

We’re having the same issue. Twitter can’t see the twitter card that is put on the page by javascript. Here’s the test url that dynamically generates meta tags.

and going through phantomjs



@u3k, if you omit the last part of the URL (#!/) the URL appears to validate fine.

@playbox2, Twitter will not execute client-side javascript. The meta tags have to be rendered server-side. I am not too familiar with phantomjs, but for you second URL it appears that phantomjs is not rendering the meta tags for the Twitter bot as it is for web browsers.


@joncipriano thx for responding. To my understanding, phantomjs is meant to execute all javascript then render the page to the bot. Facebook is working correctly.

Here’s another variation to of the url to go through phantomjs phantomjs.web.weather.com/weather.com/trash/social_sharing5.html

However it’s still getting no card found (card error)