Fetching Retweeted users will get empty result


I want to get all the retweeted users of particular tweet. when i use the below url, some times it will shows the proper result some times it will return empty result why it happen ? is any restrictions to show retweeted users,please help.



(moving to the REST category as this is a PHP+Search API question)

Are you saying that with the same tweet ID, you sometimes get a valid result, and other times you get an empty result? Or are you saying that some tweet IDs come back with an empty result?

Can you do any tracing of your PHP code to find out what the Twitter API is returning in each case? Do you think you could be hitting API limits? Are there any error codes in the HTTP responses from Twitter?


When i tried for statuses/retweets/553247967894065152 , i will get empty result. but in this tweet statuses/retweets/552863074135592962, i will get the result. these two are same users tweets.

This is not rate limited issue. because issue i tracked earlier, but i couldnt found why it happened please help.

I exactly means some tweet IDs come back with an empty result.


Checking those two tweets (via statuses/show) it looks like the first one has never been retweeted, so the statuses/retweets response is empty. This is a valid situation.


But when i get these tweet details via (statuses/mentions_timeline) ,it shows retweet_count. that’s why i was trying to fetch those retweeted users. if it doesnot retweeted, then why it shows retweet_count ?


Any updates regarding the above issue