Fetching more than 3200 tweets - one solution


Using user_timeline endpoint i can fetch only most 3200 Tweets…!

Using statuses/lookup.json endpoint i can retrieve the tweets for tweet ids i supplied…

If i can maintain the old Tweet ids, i can fetch those old Tweets using statuses/lookup.json endpoint

Is this the best way to fetch the tweets more than 3200?

It has any problems?Tell me if it has any issues

Can i go for it?

If this is one of the way why this way is not mentioned in documentation page?


In the free API, yes that’s probably as much as you can do.
But you can use the Premium API to fetch as much as you want


Thanks for reply @Connexinet.

Another interesting which i found out was…

If I use verified user authentication for fetching tweets using user_timeline endpoint i’m getting 31.8 k(full) tweets of the user with the standard API itself.

Why this is happening?

Whether verified users will not have any limitations like most recent 3200 tweets only be fetched?