Fetching clicks that would match Twitter dashboard via API


Hey, we would like to fetch clicks from Twitter API, but can not find API metric that would acually match Twitter dashboard numbers. Previously we tried to use promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts.

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


Hi @RomanG

EDIT: @msbukkuri corrected me on fetching data using v1. If you’re fetching data using the v1 Ads API, you need to fetch groups of metrics instead of separate ones. To fetch clicks, you can simply fetch the metric_group: ‘ENGAGEMENT’:

If you’re however using v0 of the Ads API, you need to fetch several metrics and add them together to create the number of clicks you see in the Twitter dashboard.

For “Clicks” you need to fetch and sum the following metrics:
promoted_tweet_profile_clicks + promoted_tweet_search_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_clicks

For “Link clicks” or “Website clicks”:
promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks

And for “App clicks”:
promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts + promoted_tweet_app_open_attempts + promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks

The same goes for Impressions and other metrics you see in the dashboard. Here’s a list of some of the objective metrics and how to calculate them: https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/metrics-derived


@Tianape I don’t think this is right. You can’t fetch the metric “clicks.” You can only fetch the metric_group => engagements in which clicks is provided to you as a metric.


Yup, you are indeed correct. Thank you for correcting me! I’ll update my answer to better reflect this. :slight_smile: