Fetch Tweets from more than one handle from one developer account


Hello Everyone,

I am a developer and I am stuck in a situation. We have created an app, where, we use like 57 accounts to fetch tweets from 57 accounts.
This way the project becomes very tough. Its a news app, and all we do is to fetch the latest tweets and show the news. So user gets all news channels on one platform itself.

I read some where that twitter allows multiple channels access via one developer account, so please guide me how can I go to it.

Thanks a lot.


This post should answer your question, @MayankPande3:



Thanks a lot for the reply. I have done this process. I am explaining below as an example:

These are two news channels:


So now the problem is, that I have one developer account, with access token and other stuff. The issue is, by one developer account, I can fetch tweets from any one of them, not two.

I am thinking to find a solution, where I can fetch news from many such channels and can show it on my app.
I do understand, that the users of app do not need to have developer accounts. Please advice on that.



Is your question about how you can present Tweets from both @handles on your app?



My question is: How can I fetch TWEETS from both these @handles using only 1 developer account. Once this is done, I can show the data easily.



You have several options; but the simplest would be to use the statuses/user_timeline endpoint, passing the screen_name parameter for each of the two accounts (this would be two separate calls, one for each of the handles). Unless the account is protected, you don’t need the specific account token, so you can get both of them from your existing app.


Thanks a lot @andypiper.

I understood what you said, just to reconfirm,

  1. I will need 1 developer account from which I will use, and at a given API call, I will pass screen_name parameter, and then fetch the tweets, then in second call I will pass screen_name parameter for second one, am I right ?

Thanks a lot for help.


Also, please let me know what other ways are …


There are a number of different ways and I don’t currently have time to list and describe in detail every option.

Yes, the format you’ve listed is how you would request two user timelines via the API. You could also use search; or, users/lookup or users/show if you only wanted the most recent Tweet for an account.


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