Fetch the tweet feed on my asp.net application using twitter API


Hi. I have googled many links but i am not able to find the working copy. Please help me on this how to get the twitter feed and display to the asp.net application.

I have created myApplication on twitter which contains consumerkey and consumersecret. Further I am not clear how to fetch the feed.?



In our Libraries page (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/twitter-libraries) we mention AspTwitter library, which implement the connection to Twitter API 1.1 and OAuth. You should definitely take a look on the examples that are located in library files.

Also, please make sure you followed all these steps:

  1. Create application
  2. Generate access token. You can do that by accessing https://apps.twitter.com, opening your app and clicking on “API keys” tab.
  3. Config in your code the keys: consumer, consumer_secret, access_token, access_token_secret

By this time you should be ready to connect and get your twitter feed.