Feedback on using the TON API for Tailored Audiences


I’d like to offer the following feedback to Twitter regarding the way that tailored audiences are built using the TON API. The TON API is neither convenient nor efficient for my company’s application because it requires that the size of the data must be known in advance. In our application, the tailored audience members are streamed from a “big data” query. In order to know the data size, we either need to run the query twice (once to get the result set size and then again to get the data) or else we need to run the query once, writing the data into a temporary local storage, and then upload that data via the TON API. Neither approach is appealing when the audience size is big.

It would be preferable for applications like ours if there were an API to upload a tailored audience via a endpoint that accepts chunked transfer encoding, so that we could stream the query result directly to Twitter.

Thanks for listening!


@dodnert thanks for the feedback.

There are a number of use cases we’re trying to accommodate with Tailored Audiences and unfortunately, the TON API is only suitable for a select few of them. I can’t go into much detail yet, but we do have some work in the pipeline for later this year to bolster our TA offering in a way that will likely suite your needs real well.

Stay tuned for more info and in the mean time please keep the feedback coming. Thanks for contributing to the Ads API dev community.


Thanks, @brandonmblack. We are looking forward to getting the details.