Feedback on new Tweet Embeds


Hi all - if you have questions or feedback about the new Tweet Embeds that we’ve just launched, which are outlined in greater detail in this [node:14171, title=“blog post”], please note them for us below. We appreciate your feedback, and as always we’re here to help. Thank you!


works perfectly nice , love it , thanks


I Have noticed something the following page ( ) section Troubleshooting no.2 , the code

Missing ( http: ) , that’s all , everything works perfect , thanks guyz .


Is it enabled for all websites or only the whitelisted ones ?


Got it working after adjusting some CSS, very nice! Speed improvements are greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to pass a context to the twttr.widgets.load() function, by any chance, for dynamic rendering? Seems wasteful to have it search an entire page if only a small portion is being updated.



with the new update I have a little problem since you now added a min height of 350px and a min width of 200px… this however causes my widgets to not get dispalyed like i want them to… might remove it since I rly need a width of 150px and a height of 300px…

Here you can see what I mean…


Hello - I’m having a bit of a problem here…

Every since the update, my link color has reverted back to the default (blue) instead of my selected color (pink). The color code is showing correctly on my widget screen but somehow still shows up blue in the preview and on my website. I have tried editing the code to no avail. Can someone please help with this???



Have the same problem here The new update renders min width 220px although.

Before the update it worked ok, adjusting to 200px or to the iframe and the whole sidebar, dunno did not look at it at that time as it worked allrigth. After the update it keeps 220. Since the 220px is generated by the widget on twitter side there is little to do with it, and it doesn’t adjust to the sidebar width thus. Responsive design is also worthless with such a setup.

It would be great to be able to get here min-width: 200px instead of 220.

If anyone finds a solution please let me know.


Found a solution… it is adding css line into your style file.

#twitter-widget-0 { width: 200px !important; }


And callback after load(): :slight_smile:


I am seeing in some posts now message “We automatically hide photos and videos that might contain sensitive content.” and a non-working button to display the content (nothing happens when I click on it). Is there a way to disable this hiding? If I know that my users would like to always have content displayed?


How do one configure timezone in which timestamps are formatted?




Still no working for me…

Tweets von @SkyAeroClub

The height and width doesnt work anymore…


Got it worked… just copied the widgets.js and changed the min-width and min-height.


Hi Charles,

Yes, you can pass in an alternate root element to load(root) to focus the search. There are also some new factory functions added in this release that I’m writing documentation for at the moment (but, as a hint, twttr.widgets.createTweetEmbed(String: tweetId, HTMLElement: targetElement, ƒ: callback, {}: options))



Mitar: That definitely sounds like a bug with the sensitive content interstitial we apply for embedded timeline content being incorrectly applied to standalone Tweets. I’ll have someone take a look; thanks for the report!



Hi Brooke. I’m working on some new documentation for this at the moment. Embedded Tweets do now support link colours, and default to blue rather than grey. However, you can change the link colour on a per-Tweet basis by adding the attribute data-link-color="#cccccc" to your embed code, or you can set the default link colour for all Twitter widgets in your page by adding a tag to your page head:



Hi Mitar,

There’s no way to do this right now, but I’d like to support it. We’ll add it to our backlog.



Can I pass it a jQuery object, or does it need to be a normal DOM element?

The createTweetEmbed function looks interesting. Hurry up with those docs! :slight_smile: