Feed not working due to link


Hi Guys,

i got a question.

Background on question.
I have a rotating header, and to not break the rotation of the images there was need to load pages in my content div instead of new pages each time.
The code for the menu looks like:

<li><a href="javascript:ajaxpage('pages/projecten/sepa.php', 'content');"class="normal" id="sepa"onClick="changeActiveStates('pages/projecten/sepa.php', http://foo)"><span>SEPA</span></a>

Now, the URL in the top bar stays the same (http://www.phalanxes.eu/index.php) regardless to what page you go and i have a feeling this is preventing the loading of the twitterbox!

if i go to the page directly (http://www.phalanxes.eu/pages/sepa.php) i see the twitterbox, but not when using my link

I thought about adding the code to index.php. But that way i loose the ability to use multiple twitterboxes.

Could anyone help me?