Feed not showing up due to template?


I have a website that uses a template created through dreamweaver. In the bottom right part of the page I have placed the code in template so it shows up on every page. The feed is not showing. http://www.gccancercenter.com/

However, if I just place the code in a blank HTML page, it works fine: http://www.gccancercenter.com/twitter.html

Please advise


An old version of Prototype included on your website is interfering with standard browser APIs used by the Twitter widgets JavaScript. You are using Prototype version, released over seven years ago in January 2008.

You may be able to drop in an updated version of Prototype to fix the issue.


OK. Where do i place this? Am I just placing tthis code:

Or am i placing this file/code somewhere? https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/prototype/

I did not build this site originally. Still not sure why this matters if its showing up correctly when its not in a template.


It looks like you figured it out. You only need to include the script once. I now see the embedded Timeline on your site.


I am having the same issue at http://www.myduquesne.duq.edu/s/831/index.aspx?sid=831&gid=1&pgid=560 - which script did you include to make the feed show up?


DuqAlumni: you have a different problem. You need to include Twitter’s widgets JavaScript in your page HTML to render the timeline.