Feature Suggestion: Include Generator/Application In Event Payloads



For both direct_message_events and tweet_create_events it’d be super nice to have the generator supplied along with the other data in the payload for these events (or any really).

We know internally of many generators that signify spam and it’d be nice to filter them out right as we get them if the generator was supplied. :innocent:


Are you referring to the source: in the Tweet payload?

The source is provided for direct_message_events and tweet_create_events, see payload examples here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/accounts-and-users/subscribe-account-activity/guides/account-activity-data-objects


Maybe it’s not in the beta but this is all I get (just dm’d my test account on the web version)

		"type": "message_create",
		"id": "981652334127202308",
		"created_timestamp": "1522879129331",
		"message_create": {
			"target": {
				"recipient_id": "2344309512"
			"sender_id": "15588742",
			"message_data": {
				"text": "TEST!",
				"entities": {
					"hashtags": [],
					"symbols": [],
					"user_mentions": [],
					"urls": []


OK, you’re requesting that the (equivalent of the) source field from the standard API Tweet object be represented in the Direct Message Account Activity API payload. We’re not aware of any plans to change this at present, but we can pass this along to the teams developing these new features.


Hi @bobber205

Have you tried testing by creating a DM outside the official web app or mobile apps? The example for direct messages shown in our docs here does show that the source app ID is provided:
“source_app_id”: “13090192”


I actually just tested this and found the source_app_id is indeed there.
I’ve also started seeing it when sending a DM from the web now when logged in as the owner only as well.

Overall it doesn’t seem consistently provided, though the use case of easily ignoring my own programmatically send DMs works because it’s there when I sent a DM using the NodeJS Twit package.


As per the datamodel, message_create_event can contain an array of objects, so in which case/scenario should I expect more than 1 entry in that array?


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