Feature Request: Option to exclude retweets from REST search results


Hey guys,

Currently there doesn’t seem to be a way to exclude retweets from search results ( https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/search/tweets ).

Sometimes there’s a large volume of retweets in results. It would be beneficial to Twitter and the consuming app to not have to process those if there was an option to exclude them.




Good suggestion, Tim.

I fully support this feature request. I’ve tried everything to hide them, but as it seems you can only hide RT’s from a User not a Search query.

When I add -include:retweets it does work for 3 or 4 seconds but then the RT’s show up.

Fingers crossed that the Tech team are on the case.

Best regards,



try to add " -RT" to the search Query… that’s should works

includeRTs seems worked only for user query not for Search query




Chiming in to say that appending ‘-RT’ to the search query did the trick for me. Nice!

Not sure how permanent this solution is though, or whether developers can/should rely on this. Any comments or thoughts from the admins? Is it better for us to try to exclude RT’s on our own?


Yes, it does. But, consider the case when you track the keyword oscar & some tweets might be like “RT if you want Angelina to win #oscar” which simply exclude this kinda tweets just because there’s a term “RT” despite it’s a user tweet (not rt).