[Feature Request] How To Tell What Platform a DM Came In On


We’ve recently launched a twitter bot to a select group of private users.

We’d like to know how many are mobile users vs desktop twitter.com users but when dms are sent through most platforms (including those and TweetDeck) there’s no identifiable information about the generator that was used to post that DM.

Could that be added in the near future? It’s quite important to us/our clients to have that kind of insight.


Hi @bobber205 this did not go unnoticed. Can you elaborate on the use case for desktop vs. mobile a bit more?


At the moment we haven’t spent much time thinking of specific features we’d like to do because we know we don’t have access to an accurate source of that information.

I’ve given it some thought this morning and aside from just collecting it for platform statistics purposes it’d be nice to tell users when they’re using say mobile.twitter.com that that platform isn’t the best to use while interacting with out bot (twitter intents don’t seem to work on mobile.twitter.com for instance)

Just the standard generator field that we receive when ingesting a tweet from GNIP would be plenty!