[Feature Request] Account Activity API -- Requesting Specific Events



For load purposes it’d be nice to say “I only want favorite events for this subscription” – stuff like that.

Just an idea! :smiley:

One more quick question: Why does the Account Activity API send me messages that I the bot send to a user? It’s easy enough to ignore but would be nice to reduce traffic to a webhook by opting out of that notification.


Thanks, @bobber205 - This is something we are looking at (providing the ability to select activity types). This is not likely something we will do immediately, but we are always open to feedback like this!

RE: Why do we send all messages - We send all activities from an account - the main use case is, I use the Twitter app on my mobile device, but I want my bot to know I sent the message, or I want to ensure the message is visible in my social media management software which uses AAA to help me manage my interactions, etc. We err on side of over-communicating events.


Ah that makes total sense. Thank you!

Also I noticed you guys added the “who was this message sent to” property “for_user_id”
Awesome to have thank you!


Great - glad to hear it is helping.

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