Favourites problem


Hi, i can not see any favourited tweet by me. Api returns


i fact i neither can see them by web but i have almost 6.5k


in fact*


Please include what Library if any you are using, what API you are calling and include sample code that returns this result.


I have the same issue. I wrote a little script using Python 2.7.13 and python-twitter 3.1 (and 3.3). The script worked fine for more recent favourites today. But it seems that Twitter distinguishes between “newer” and “older” favourites. I am not what the cut-off date is, but all more recent favs could be deleted, so that I only have favs from 2013 and older left. I can see the favs in the Twitter UI, but I cannot query it via API. I always get an empty list.

I have the problems with both scripts, this very basic one
(deleting 200 favs) and also this more complex one (supposed to delete all favs in your account).


abraham’s library
i know everything is ok because I tested it in another account. the problem is twitter