Favorites/destroy does not delete favorite




Along the lines of this question, I have a favorite (like) tweet ID that I get from the Twitter archive. When calling favorites/destroy it returns this error (for mostly all favorites older than a few months):

{“errors”:[{“code”:34,“message”:“Sorry, that page does not exist.”}]}

The documentation of favorites/destroy does not mention any limitation regarding the favorite age etc.
Are there any restrictions in this API i’m not aware of?


Hello @martani_net - I was just able to delete several favorites that ranged from 6 months to 1 year old when testing. Can you provide specific Tweets that produced this error?


Thanks for following up @LeBraat, hwre is a repro for the tweet id 1023002410153897984:

This shows that I see the tweet as a Favorite under my profile:

This shows the tweet id and that I’m listed in the profiles that like this tweet (account bloginto @0x123456789) and that I have the tweet id among my likes from the Twitter archive:


And finally, this shows that I can read the tweet via Twurl, but not destroy the Favorite:

As you can see the tweet is ~2 months old.

Let me know what you find from your side. Thanks.


Are you 100% sure that you have Twurl set up to work with @0x123456789

You can identify this by running $ twurl accounts


Yes I’m 100% sure it’s the right account. Here is a screenshot for the full repro, it shows authentication, running $ twurl accounts, getting the favorite, and failure destroying the favorite even though you can see clearly that I’m in the likes list on Twitter.com.

If it’s any easier I can communicate authentication token so you can repro it from your side. This is a very common bug and not something I’m seeing just now!



Any update on this? As I mentioned in my previous reply, I can communicate auth tokens so that you can repro this on your side.

This is not happening with a few likes, it happens with thousands of them.



Any update on this?


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