'favorite' events on protected Tweets are not streamed: bug or intended behaviour?


Hi, I’ve been noticing a strange issue lately and I’m unsure if this is intended behaviour or a bug.

If public account A follows protected account B, and A favourites a Tweet by B, then a ‘favorite’ event is only received in B’s userstream if user B is also following A.

This occurs in TweetDeck (Notifications column), other streaming API clients (Fenix, ttytter, …), and in my test app that dumps events from the API. (One slightly interesting point is that users who follow both A and B see these events in TweetDeck’s ‘Activity’ column, even though B doesn’t receive them.)

Could anyone shed light on this?

What makes me think it’s a bug is that non-userstream notifications (Twitter.com’s Notifications page, Twitter for Android, TweetDeck backfill on launch) -do- show these events, and I also receive an immediate push notification to my phone. I originally thought it might have been a TD-specific issue, but I’ve since realised that other clients are also affected.

Thank you!